QUIET – out now

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quiet flyer

quiet – direct link


quiet isnt as quiet as his name. but still it is.

it holds 3 scenes.
chilli elfe and anuskatz playing with some rope, toys and a strap on.
sizzy and franzz van kreidl fucking each other.
little z playing with his rope bunny anuskatzz.

a bigger range of music genre and a very powerfull and artistic way of editing bringing us in a new direction. things go by far more crazy as in the old movies, even that this is even older recordings than the last one.
there is some extra fotage of anuskatzz playing with herself and little swastika is playing a old analog synthesizer to give also an extra for your ears.

the video edit is done by manvarle.com


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what is porn for me.
this is a small clip where i try to explane a little bit whatni have in my mind about porn. about what dirty dreaz is about.
lets try to break that box of what wr know and create something new out of it. out of a genre who should display one of the most beautifull things we humans have. a genre who is so boring and sad.
lets make porn beautifull. sex is fun. so much fun. and this is what you should feel when you watch porn.
this is dirty dreaz.
fuck porn and all behind.
we love sex. and we will show it.

my movies will be with 100% dreadheads. so when you one of them. and you intrested in joining us. please drop a message here. do not drop me or my girl messages. writte us here and we get back to u as soon we find time. we realy would love to have some fun and film some couples. its less scary as you may think. so dont be afraid and forget what you know about porn….

little swastika