IMPORTEND – new movie and a big change – PLEASE READ

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sorry for all the trouble. from now on the only acess to our films will be over our patreon page. we got a lot problems with vimeo and they didnt payed us the last two month. so basicly we didnt get any money for the last two films we published. it realy sucks, but dont wont make us stop.

as we allready planed in the full winter for dirty dreaz and to edit a lot more films we realy need all your help. with the missing payout and the time we spend already we are missing a two month salery now. we realy would like to give u a better alternativ than this right now but we dont have. our main focus is to make as much great new films as we can this winter so you all dont get to bored of us. to build a own patform to distribute our films is taking a lot of time and money and will make it a lot more difficult for you guys to see our films. so for the next few month we are more than thankfull for any support as we really need it.

we hope you all like our new film and all what you have to do is checking out our side and get your log in pass over patreon.

please be free to share this and we will from now on keep patreon a bit more updated as we will use it as only platform from now on.

when you are our patreon just go for the link password and follow the details. 

thank you all. 

your always growing dirty dreaz family

….. พิธี .. (phi-thi) ……… OUT NOW …

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this movie is based on two scenes and mainly influenced by the beautiful and ritualistic side of thailand

dreadhead treez getting her first scarification rituals in the wonderful nature of Thailand.

beside this it shows anuskatzz and little swastika getting naughty together with mr falloz and tinytitz.

A ritual between sex and blood.


พิธี (phi-thi) from dirty dreaz on Vimeo.

…. . ..KUBRICK .. … ……. .. .

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this is 44 minutes of what we call dirty dreaz.

we have the lovely couple doc paracockz and lady hypnotize. with the right mix of sensual love and hard bdsm they trying out a few things like our fuckmachine.
than we having the three girls anniflyz, miss orz and anuskatzz dominating one of them with bondage, strap ons and wips.
also sasha shanti and anuskatzz playing with rlyehz. they put him in the air with the help of hooks and rope and use him there.
and as some extra footage we have em walking bit tru the film and also she give us her voice for some words.




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a ancient psycedelic ritual. a pervers bdsm fantasy. a dream.


over our patreon page or VOD with the link under movies

support us

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we are trying to raises the money to support new projects through ongoing community crowd funding. you will be able to see all of our movies befor they come out in public and help us to found new movies.

new full length films can be accessed through supporting the project on patreon along with more exclusive content and physical rewards.

sUMmerfEst 2

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INFO for our second edition of the SUMMERFEST in 2018



We are in the progress of organizing our next DDZ Summerfest 2.

we try to keep everything in a atmosphere that all of you can feel free and live out some of your fantasy’s.

beside the naughty stuff in the evenings we have a few new photographers in the daytime to give you the opportunity of high class photoshoots and pictures. we will write more information’s soon on the event page. there are already all photographers with link to their pages announced.

so when you only interested in photo shots. please just drop us a message and we give u some more infos and sort it out. there will probably two days on the weekend where everything is more focused on pictures. we usually don’t like nude or censored photos. so you should come with a couple of lingerie or nice dresses. we not doing sexual or pornographic pictures!

here a few of our photographers who join the summerfest.

marcel a vie – zeitfenster
Carnivore Pictures
Timo Urban Photography

Sasha Shanti – hooks and rope
pepermint – shibari
little swastika – freestyle cut down hooks and stuff

shibari basic workshop by pepermint

Rachel Napalm Giavasis – something in the air
dirty dreaz – shibari rite

So feel free to be a part of this group for more infos.
For all who already 100 % sure, first please confirm it on the event page and please drop us a quick message and let us know a bit about you and the reasons why you want come.

this is a closed event and you need our confirmation to come as we have to plan everything and we relay want a nice energy in the full group. last year it was amazing and we want it even better this year.

we still will make a little party on the Saturday night which will be open for anyone with dreadlocks.

We also still searching for open couples with dreadlocks for filming and photoshootings.
So don‘t be shy and contact us we will have a wonderful and crazy time like last year.

🙂 your DDZ family


located in psyland25, where we have a lot space and nature around. many beautiful locations for fotoshots. enough space for camping and nice bbq partys on the fire in the evening. we will have multiple rooms and locations to fuck. some bigger for more action and some more private when only 2 or 3 want escape from the croude for a private moment.

we plan to make one dreadheads fetish part on one evening and transform the psyland gallery in our own.
this will happen at the evening of the 21. july. and it will be open for all dreadheadz.

we try to have at least two djs who play us dark, hi tech and psy core all night long. there will be a dancefloor and a few different locations to fuck. include one bdsm room with two bondage suspension spots.
there also will be a live bdsm shibari show from little swastika and anuskatzz.

over the days we will have some high class photographers around to make single shootings and some with more together. also we will have our film crew ready and set up some things just in case. with the hope to record the biggest dreadhead orgy ever.
we will announce some more of the photographers the next weeks and even when you only interested to come for a photoshooting. just let us know before so we can plan you in and find the best day for it.

its planed as a few relaxed days to meet, chill and whatever happens. but mainly its a dirtydreaz family meeting. so when you plan to come for the full time. please write us a email here or on FB to Lily Lu or Annette Reuner so we can plan you in. as we try to be productive beside this its imported for us to know and also to ordinate everything with the photographers. so all of you can walk home with a bunch of high class pictures as well.

this is to bring dirty dreaz more forward and meet the once behind and the once who love the idea as we do.

for anyone who is just curious or just want have some fun. just join the party on Saturday night 🙂

feel free to share this and make clear that there will be a strict dreadheadz dress code. ha ha. means we do this because we love dreadheadz and we do this for us. so. expect a weekend with naughty dreadheadz and lets see what happens.

only dreadheaz.
no entry fee or cost.

psyland 25
leipferdingerstr 21
78250 tengen

space for camping. we will have some non alcoholic drinks here in exchange for a small donation. we do not have a bar or sell drinks, alcohol or anything. there is a small supermarket in walking distance. we will have a refrigerator to use for food and drink. and there are possibility to cook and make barbecue. as well we will have a pool to jump in and refresh and a shower too.
for the photoshoots.
any interested photographers drop us a message.
for all others. please bring some different clothes to shot. lingerie and underwear. we like things sexy and elegant. or simple trashy maybe. no goa outfits or overload. for the pictures we take we try to keep things simple. the more you bring the better as you have more options to shot with different photographers. as its boring to have only one set of underwear to shot a full weekend.

visual updated vision of porn

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my vision of porn – little swastika about dirty dreaz – 2.0 (visual updated version) from dirty dreaz on Vimeo.


some words by little swastika about his vision of ‘porn’, dirty dreaz and all what it should be. words from spring 2017. visual updated version in nov. 2018.

many things happened since than but we even more radical about our vision and about what our movies should show and present and make you feel.

QUIET – out now

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quiet flyer

quiet – direct link


quiet isn’t as quiet as his name. but still it is.

it holds 3 scenes.
chilli elfe and anuskatzz playing with some rope, toys and a strap on.
sizzy and franzz van kreidl fucking each other.
little z playing with his rope bunny anuskatzz.

a bigger range of music genre and a very powerful and artistic way of editing bringing us in a new direction. things go by far more crazy as in the old movies, even that this is even older recordings than the last one.
there is some extra forage of anuskatzz playing with herself and little swastika is playing a old analog synthesizer to give also an extra for your ears.

the video edit is done by

1 2