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IN BETWEEN LINEZ – dirty dreaz


his movie shows a beautiful hook suspension scene with tuka, bloody julietz, anuskatzz and little z.

beside this it shows how little z transform into lily and get fucked by anniflyz, miss orz and anuskatzz. and on top of this two main scenes there is a few blow job scenes with madam mandalaz and space kitty and a nice threesome with little z, anuskatzz and space kitty.
beside the sexual parts it shows some a beautiful ritualistic face bleeding from yakez.


directed and edited by little swastika, this is by far his masterpiece right now.

in between linez - vimeo poster


QUIET – dirty dreaz

quiet isn’t as quiet as his name. but still it is.

it holds 3 scenes.
chilli elfe and anuskatz playing with some rope, toys and a strap on.
sizzy and franzz van kreidl fucking each other.
little z playing with his rope bunny anuskatzz.

a bigger range of music genre and a very powerful and artistic way of editing bringing us in a new direction. things go by far more crazy as in the old movies, even that this is even older recordings than the last one.
there is some extra forage of anuskatzz playing with herself and little swastika is playing a old analog synthesizer to give also an extra for your ears.

the video edit is done by

quiet flyer


dirty dreaz – plus minus

it shows a beautiful and colorful bdsm scene with mr falloz and tinytitz. it also hold a anal play scene of anuskatzz. both scenes are edited together as one clip.

our third movie and by far a step ahead of everything before. a real step out of pornography. even that its a lot more sexual content. more close ups as before and a different new edit. also it holds the first time a bigger range of music genre.

polar titel


dirty dreaz – outer space

outer space is our first published movie.

space titel


dirty dreaz – polar vortex

polar vortex shows the two girls, madam mandalaz and anuskatz, playing together.

its the first movie which is fully recorded, directed and cut by little swastika. it comes closer to his vision of porn than the other movies before.

polar titel