dirty dreaz is a visual sideproject of little swastika and anuskatzz. its somewhere in between psychedelic art and pornography.

tripporn for dreadheads.

Little Swastika is known as an tattoo artist who influenced the tattoo scene especially with his “third dimension” project. To break borders and play with his own style of creativity is also his main idea for the new project dirty dreaz. To love and share  emotions with each other is something so truly beautiful and special but in our world of pornography it is the same boring story: sex without any feelings.

So let us use this medium and create something new out of it. Let us play with different lights, with crazy cuts, with smiles and laughs and that was true sex is: passion !

Anuskatzz work as dominatrix in the swiss. Together with little swastika she started the project dirty dreaz because BDSM is for both of them one really important element in life. They both enjoy to have fun with attractive people with dreadlocks and tattoos, so they decided to give them a stage in their movies. It doesn’t matter which gender orientation they have because our purpose is to have no sexual limitation in our movies !

To play with domination and submission, to give people more than only a idea of a fuck, to show them how creative sex and BDSM can be, as which medium you can use it in your life that you feel stronger after a it. To express yourself and let go, the trust to take the pain but in a good way, to break your own borders and to feel it with every sense of your body that is something what BDSM can be.

We like to give you the opportunity to look our movies and to think about it. To see how colorful the world of pornography can be and to be open minded enough to enjoy our lunatic movies.